9 years ago I started to deepen myself in developing WordPress websites and plugins. This arose from the enormous potential that I saw in the possibilities that exist with this great open-source system. When I was able to master this piece of technology, I could almost realize every idea I had.

How I started

I first started with the conversion of existing WordPress themes and plugins (i have to say that I already had knowledge of HTML and CSS). Soon I started recognizing the patterns of how WordPress is built up and after a few months (using the codex) I started to develop themes myself.

How I learned PHP and Javascript

The funny thing is that I learned how to write PHP and Javascript – 90% of the WordPress backend, you might say – by looking at other WordPress themes and plugins. Normally you would advise people to first learn these coding languages before you start WordPress development, but I would advise; do it the other way;)

My goal

Through my website, I want to give other developers a step up to becoming a better WordPress developer. I share snippets (also share code snippets here) that I use to make functionalities work faster and better and write tutorials to teach others how to make their WordPress theme or plugin work more efficiently.